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Huh!? The Series: Ep. II Huh!? The Series: Ep. II

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I enjoyed it! Keep making the series, man!

SeiyruRenaih responds:

Will do!

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Dressup Chrissy. Dressup Chrissy.

Rated 5 / 5 stars


A great submission, Chrissy. Glad you made this. I play it so much because it's one of the best dress-ups I've ever seen. Hopefully I can make a great movie one day, like you said, and make you proud.

Well, if you haven't figured out who this is by now, the AIM screen name in my profile should give it away, or this from the ETE forum:


Lol. I bet you'll get it from that. I never got a chance to really review your game before, since it was, what, almost a year ago? Let me just say how great of a dress-up this is, and I'm glad they put it on the dress-up page. I bookmarked it anyway, so it's here with the click of a button. I can't wait for more of your future dress-ups, and games.

By the way, a message to the reviewers, go to! It's a great site, and the forums are awesome! ::does a thumbs up and smiles::

Thanks once more for the tutor long ago. Without you, I'd be making blammed frame by frame stick movies. You're the best Chrissy, you truly are.

- Chris

EmeraldTokyo responds:

Hey there Chris. Thanks for the review. I am glad I could help teaching you flash. If you need to learn anything else, lemme know. I can teach you a few good tricks I learned.